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Description: Description: financial documents

How to Analyze a Restaurant Financial Statement


Sales $1500

Merchandise Cost $480

Labor Costs $450

Other Costs $375

Net Daily Profit $195

Total $1305

Description: Description: financial documents


Developing par levels

  • Purchasing based on sales forecasting
  • Using the Internet for competitive bids
  • Evaluating purveyor purchasing programs

Costing out the Menu and Bar

  • Learn new ideas for costing the most common items
  • Buy pre-portion or cut? The pros and cons
  • Access on-line services for the busy restaurant owner
  • Use the handy trim and shrinkage standards we provide
  • Quick ways to learn the impact of price changes

Pricing the Menu for Profit

  • Use new spreadsheet programs
  • Consider the labor factor how & when
  • How to consider coupons and discount meals
  • Understand profit value and pricing
  • Implement the newest menu engineering techniques
  • Price the bar competitively
  • Which of the following items would you rather sell?









Prime Rib Dinner




Well or Rail Drink








Description: Description: interview

Getting Control of Labor Costs

  • Make the work place fun
  • Compare your wage rates and staffing to other restaurants
  • Compete in todays tight labor market
  • Learn labor standards not available anywhere else
  • Schedule employees using blind staffing techniques
  • Write an employee manual we provide a sample
  • Use a checklist to ensure compliance with all the various labor laws
  • Programs used by chains to reduce turnover
  • Attract the best people from todays tight labor market
  • How to find restaurant managers

Controlling the Bar

  • Ten of the most common ways employees steal
  • How to determine if it's happening to you
  • Evaluate your point of sale system
  • Set up daily and weekly inventory controls
  • Evaluate entertainment and other promotional programs
  • Establish a standard liquor PC
  • Rate the probability of bar thievery

Reducing the Cost of Key General Expenses

  • Use key strategies for reducing utility costs
  • Consider some ideas on reducing linen and laundry expenses
  • Get the lowest credit card rate
  • Utilize free advertising
  • 17 other ideas reduce general expenses

Incentive Programs that Empower Employees

  • Train every employee to be a salesperson
  • Establish goals for individual employees
  • Implement front of house sales programs 14 ideas
  • Try incentive programs for back of house kitchen staff 7 ideas
  • Set up a management incentive program geared to results
  • Start implementing some of the top marketing programs for 2009

Point of Sale Selection and Computers

  • Complete listing of over 100 point of sale and computer companies
  • Less expensive equipment for the smaller restaurant
  • Minimizing the 7 most common problems restaurants have when computing
  • Sample POS proposal
  • Determining cost to benefit ratios when buying equipment
  • Using spreadsheet programs in the smaller restaurants
  • The best way to set up QuickBooks for restaurants

Fraud Detection

  • Checklist for determining probability of employee thievery
  • Six most common ways employees steal
  • Utilizing benchmarking to deduce thievery
  • New ideas from the IRS and state sales tax auditors

The IRS and Other Government Regulations

  • How to reduce income taxes by claiming the FICA tax credit
  • What are the employer and employee tip reporting rules?
  • Special forms every restaurant needs to file
  • Make sure you know sales tax and labor laws on automatic gratuities
  • How to take advantage of Work Opportunity credits
  • Shorter lives for depreciation of equipment and expendable items
  • Uniform capitalization how to keep it simple
  • Handling tip credit and uniform deductions
  • Dealing with negative payroll checks
  • Income tax treatment of allocated tips
  • What's new with TRAC agreements
  • Explaining tip laws and other government rules to your employees

Financial Analysis of Marketing Programs

  • Word-of-mouth, the #1 advertising method how to enhance it
  • Evaluating discounted programs
    • 2 for 1 coupons
    • Value added meals
    • Discounts for senior citizens and children
  • The top 11 tried and tested marketing programs
  • Add-on revenue
    • Banquet and take-out sales
    • T-shirts and other merchandise
    • Gift certificates

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